Our activities

Verenso endeavours to guard the interests of its members and to outline the profile of the elderly care medicine. We try to reinforce the position of the elderly care physician in nursing homes, in the mental health care and primary care, by making appointments with different parties and by giving practical assistance.

Verenso’s support in short
  • Verenso uses its expertise in the field of guarding interests and influencing policy, e.g. by emphasizing the importance of the elderly care physician to relevant target groups, by influencing rules and regulation (political lobbying and media influencing) and by building bridges between other functions and disciplines within health care and nursing homes.
  • Verenso develops free medical (evidence based) guidelines for members.
  • Verenso informs its members about current developments in a weekly digital newsletter ‘Verenso News’.
  • Verenso provides professional support in its free ‘Elderly Care Magazine’ for members.
  • Verenso organizes a yearly spring and autumn symposium to promote expertise, networking and profiling.
  • Verenso’s (legal) helpdesk offers free personal support.

To make  the support easy accessible for its members, Verenso developed a members only website besides the public website.